Monday, June 10, 2013

Good Bye to Rome!!

I couldn’t post on Saturday because we were on the train from Rome to Monterosso in the Cinque Terre region and there was no wifi. Unfortunately our apartment here doesn’t have wifi either; but the kids found an internet café very nearby so I should be able to get some posts up.

Rome near the Coliseum
Friday being our last day & night in Rome, we just wound down. We walked to a few favourite places – the market at Campo di Fiore and up and down a lot of side streets in the area to just “be” in Rome. Really one of the things I liked doing most was just walking and experiencing. 

Rome also near the Coliseum
We went back to a favourite restaurant in the Piazza Farnese for our “Last Supper” there. It was lovely. Unfortunately a lot of the cafes and restaurants tend to resist taking credit cards. If they say they do, you then may find that their terminal doesn’t work or doesn’t work with your card. This is just an aside.

The bus is advertising the movie After Earth
I know that Europe has always tended to prefer cash, however, now that a lot of countries are in dire straits, this may be a time to press for more measures to control this cash only tax dodge.

I also noticed that what looked like a lot of independently owned cafes and restaurants were actually part of a larger group of restaurants controlled by one company or syndicate. This is just another aside.

Street Theatre - Rome
However, the food was so amazing that we ate out every night and once or twice at lunch. It was hard to justify eating in.  Maybe if we had had a patio that overlooked some fabulous site, we would have eaten in more, but we didn’t, because we just wanted to be outside all the time!!! We had rain briefly one evening, otherwise it was warm 21C and occasionally hot 25C and sunny. We walked almost everywhere, except when we went to the Coliseum, where we took the bus and then the subway.

Another type of street theatre

All in all, I can’t wait for a time to go back to Rome!!! I would definitely stay by the river. It was a great way to orient yourself and I knew that the kids, who got lost regularly, as did we, could easily find their way back home. On a return trip, I would go back again to all the landmarks and I would plan to see the Sistine Chapel on a Friday night to reduce the crowding.

I think that, if you go to Rome, you should basically, pick your interest and follow it. Some people see all the recommended churches and museums, others see all the Roman ruins. We didn’t actually eat in all the restaurants J, but we did read a ton of menus, walked down hundreds of streets, took in dozens of Piazzas, explored four or five markets and walked along the river everyday.



  1. What a wonderful time you are having!

  2. What is the street theater picture? Is it somehow animated? The wall of flowers are gorgeous. I bet you are just getting tons and tons of pictures!

  3. The visit sounds amazing. You must be getting very fit with all that walking. I so admire you for keeping up with your blogging.

  4. Wow. You have certainly added to my travelog. I think you are right about "camping out" by the river. Those little old cities are a mass of confusion and tiny streets that go funny ways. But asking where the river is and heading that way makes good sense.

  5. IT sounds like heaven! I can't wait until our trip to Rome. Thank you for posting about your experiences (and the asides are good for us to know)!

  6. I think I had a conversation with the person in your photo... Talk about empty hats !

  7. I am glad that you had such a great time. Things over here were a lot less nice, with rain and cold...