Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flossed Neurons and Blog Ideas!!

Yesterday I posted about an article from the website Mental Floss. I decided to "like" them on FB and subsequently receive their regular posts. Well, since yesterday, I have received 4 posts in 24 hours. That's one post every 6 hours. Topics were as follows:

1. Twenty Facts About Your Favourite Liquors - this could turn into 20 separate blog posts, with personal comments about your own experiences with noted liquors or the ones they have missed. For example, I didn't see Screech listed.

2. Seven Games People Played in Colonial America - Possibly another 7 posts, particularly if you compare them with the ones played today. "Eye Spy" for example has international implications :)

3. The Time Napolean Was Attacked By Rabbits - Lots of possibilities here, especially if you relate it to other attacks on other notable figures, including yourself.

4. There is a serious side to Mental Floss too. One of their posts yesterday was about Anne Frank's  "The Diary of A Young Girl." Sixty-Six years ago today, her diary was published. It is now available in 67 languages and more than 30 million copies have been sold. The post was entitled "10 Things You Should Know About Anne Frank's The Diary Of A Young Girl" - possibly another 10 ideas.

That would make 38 ideas in 24 hours. I really have no excuse not to blog, daily!!

The pictures? - Just a bit of nonsense from the holiday!!

Have a sweet day!!

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