Sunday, June 02, 2013


We are here!!  Here being Rome, the eternal city, and we have so far managed to mount the few hurdles that travel places in one's path or paths, as it were. These are the seasonings to being a seasoned traveller.

1. The flight was direct and on time. The school group on board, which we thought may have been a problem, wasn't - high spirited, but so were we.

2. The films on board were eclectic. I watched a "Royal Affair," which was in Danish with English subtitles and loved it!!! I don't go out to watch films a lot and to have an evening out (while flying to Rome) to watch a pretty awesome european film set in the late 1700's about the "new age" then, was amazing.

3. Baggage claim was the usual hassle. My husband hasn't latched onto - small bag, on board, pick up and go!!  If there were ever a person to follow the rules - maybe even create more rules, so that he can follow them - he's your person!!

Rome Apartment Entrance

4. Find a quiet place to call our apartment connection. The airport was a zoo. Outside of the airport was an echo chamber of rolling wheels. We walked until we were able to hear ourselves think, however after 5 or 6 attempts to dial the number, we still couldn't make the connection. Finally my daughter suggested that we use a call box - a what? - we found a booth, used a credit card and low and behold Irena answered!!  She was waiting for us!!

Our neighbours

5. Got a city registered cab, however, it still cost $50 euros. But he did hang in - even when he turned into where his GPS said he should and found a bank of steps (104 of them) he didn't just throw up his hands and toss us out onto the street. He went into a nearby hotel and asked for directions. Then he creased the rear passenger side of his taxi, negotiating a very narrow street. However, he brought us right to the doorstep just as Irena was pulling up in her scooter.  "Believe and the doors shall be opened unto you.."

Main front entrarnce to several apts like ours.

6...... well not unless you have 5 keys and turn them this way 3 times and that way another 4 and make the sign of the cross (after all we are in Rome) take a deep breath and pray that the door will open - so far it has!!

7. Spend another hour, after a sleepless night on the plane and on an empty stomach, because the plane food was inedible, listening to Irena explain the intricacies of the various appliances, air-conditioning, washer & dryer (not only remove lint trap, but empty a water tray - who would have known!!). Gas cookers, I have a particular fondness for - they remind me of cranky uncles - they will work with a lot of stroking (not stoking) Well this one needed the extra element (no pun intended) of being "turned on" from not 1 but 2 wall switches!!  Some how last year in Barcelona is looking like Hollywood at its

The Tiber at Night - 2 mins from our front door!

8. Finally we paid Irene in "cold, hard cash" and set about to relax in our Rome apt.  More on this in the next post!!

Have an awesome evening.


  1. OMG.... soooo envious. That last picture of the Tiber really got me jealous! You sound like you've hit the ground running. No lack of inspiration now girl!

  2. Oh Carol, I love Rome, it's my favourite city in Europe, ancient and modern, have an absolutely wonderful wonderful time.

  3. You will love every second.....the history, the food, the buildings, the noise! FUN!

  4. I look forward to having your experiences. The first one was great. I got hungry reading about it. Enjoy.

  5. Sounds like you are off to a great holiday...
    Enjoy your Italian rendezvous

  6. I am so excited for you! I look forward to hearing all about your trip and I will be taking notes because we will be there in July! Have a wonderful time! :)

  7. Have a wonderful time! So jealous! As for luggages in plane, well, I try to put everything in my hand luggage. Much safer!