Thursday, May 16, 2013

When not to report a crime...

My husband and I were having a conversation over dinner last night. It was something that our neighbour had asked him. This is the husband of a young couple who had moved in next door, about three years ago. They have an 18 month-old, both of them are teachers, grandparents are around all the time. You know the kind of neighbours that make for a good neighbourhood!!

Anyway, Dan was asking whether we had noticed anything missing from our backyard lately. We don't have much to steal - a few garden rakes with missing tines, a wheel barrow with a flat tire, and if I could only get someone to "pinch" the memorabilia in the shed that my husband still hangs onto!! No unfortunately we had nothing missing.

Apparently what had gone missing from his garage were his cigarettes and his "pot." He added that he wasn't going to report it to the police - good idea! Now even in a respectable neighbourhood, I can sometimes smell the sweet scent of marijuana, wafting through the trees at the back of the garden. Our neighbour on the other side, who has two university degrees and a daughter in medical school, is diabetic and uses the drug for pain relief. Our eldest, who smokes regular cigarettes, enhances a few from time to time and obviously our new neighbours do too, or at least the husband does.

The theft, I believe, was an "inside job." I know that lots of people used to hide their liquor in the basement or the garage, when it wasn't that respectable to drink or when they wanted more to drink than what was respectable, but I had never thought of cigarettes. Someone had to have known they were there. Now my suspicious mind went into overdrive.


I had overheard some arguing about 3:00am the other night, but I just thought that my husband was "scolding" the 20-year-old for being out "at all hours." Well, it wasn't them. On the other hand, we do live in the city near lots of bars and restaurants, so anyone could have been walking by including the thieves.  "Agatha" would have figured it out!! Now, I am going to be on the look out for strange "things" happening - this could be a 24/7 job, because there are always lots of strange things happening, in my mind anyway.

The picture, well you could say that I'm a little "bananas." But I do remember a time when drugs were not that plentiful and they were expensive. So some people used to try roasting and smoking banana skins. I'm not sure that it worked all that well. They are healthier eaten :)

Have a great day!!


  1. Can't say I would fancy a toasted banana!

  2. I am sure glad you explained the bananas. I have heard of smoking a lot of things, but not bananas.

  3. I had an English teacher in high school that clued us in to the banana peel deal. From what I heard all it resulted in was a lot of coughing!

  4. I had a communications teacher somewhere between 1992 and 1994 who told us one day that he heard about smoking shredded wheat. Not stopping to think about the consequences of smoking something so dry and dessicated, he rolled it and smoked it. In one puff he almost burned off his eyebrows. I don't know where people get these weird ideas from.

  5. You had me puzzled with the bananas until the end! I have never heard of smoking the peels and can't imagine that I'd ever try it. Thankfully, smoking anything never appealed to me. Interesting case you have ahead of you, detective, I hope you can still get some sleep!

  6. Alana,
    I wish you lived in my neighborhood, I think we'd have lively conversations on our daily walks! I have a suspicious mind similar to yours, and an artist's eye so I notice (it's a blessing and a curse) EVERYTHING. We had a neighbor a couple of years ago who grew marijuana--several rooms of it---and the kids and watched her with interest before we realized what she was doing and called the county sheriff on her. She didn't drive and didn't have a car, yet there were cars at her place all the time . . . hmm. It's good to keep your eyes open. Good luck with the case!

  7. Good luck with everything. I have moved to a new neighbourhood and that's good because I don't know anything yet. Bliss.

  8. One could lace some "stash hash" with some oregano and pepper. Leave that out and teach the beggar a little lesson...