Thursday, May 23, 2013

What to write, when there is nothing to write....

I've been a little down lately. Not sure why. I shouldn't really be because there are so many positive "things" on the horizon. The warmer weather is here; we're going on holiday; "things" are generally good. Maybe that's it. Everything is going very smoothly, so I wonder when the axe is going to fall.

I promised myself that I would write a blog a day. I also decided to look very carefully at what I do when I have nothing to write about - damn the prepositions - full speed ahead. Today was particularly difficult in that not only did I not have an idea, I didn't even have the desire to write. What do you do when all else fails - start pumping yourself up!!

I usually find something insane on the national holiday site, but I did that yesterday and the only "day" that sparked my interest was National Limerick Day, but then I wasn't in a mood to be funny. I did the usual pep talk to myself - Look you've just read the obits and you are not there - be thankful. It's a privilege to grow old - again be thankful. Try to put all the bad news in the media in perspective - this was really difficult, because there seems to be more bad news, than good these days.

Slowly, whatever those chemicals are in the brain that change your mood and make you see light at the end of the tunnel started to rise. I made tea. Going through familiar routines also helps. I was taking down a mug from the cupboard and thinking about the "National Holiday" site and wondering where all these often silly celebrations originated and then it occurred to me that someone, maybe the owners of the site, just made them up. Aha!!

So, maybe we need National Appreciate Your Coffee Mug Day!! I'll bet, hidden in cupboards all over the world, are some amazing mugs, coffee (or tea) mugs, that is. What do they say about the household that keeps them? How long have they been there? Are there favourites?  I see a post coming together.

Coffee Mugs
Here are most of the mugs from my cupboard, so let me celebrate!! We have 5 "family" mugs - Mom, Dad & Grandma. The Grandma one we had given to my mother-in-law. When she died, we got it back. It is one of my favourites. We have 6 mugs from 3 universities. I would have had more, but I didn't like the mugs from the University that my eldest attended - OCAD. I'll wait for a new issue. The kids watch Family Guy. Pizza, Pizza (hidden behind Family Guy) is a must - Canadian boarder authorities in Niagara Falls know you are Canadian, if you could give the Pizza, Pizza telephone number - 967-1111.  The Wool Queen one was given to me by a neighbour. She won it as a door prize and doesn't knit. Finally the chef one in front I took from mother's collection, when she passed. She had probably bought it at a second hand store, however, given that my two sons now both work in catering and this house revolves around food, it was meant for us.

Please send me photos of your favourite mug or mugs, or even ones you don't particularly like. There is always a story. Send them to and I will post them - better still, I will celebrate them.  They'll make my day!!

Have an amazing day!!


  1. I will have to photo a mug when I go home for lunch. Meanwhile how about starting a "National Nothing to Celebrate Day"?

  2. I'm with Alessa...
    I have two- one from my children and one from an associaton that I grew from 50 to 500 members...

    Everyone is entitled to our opinions- but we rely on your actions...

    Lefties are all right!

  3. You're right about there being so much bad news lately. I try to look on the positive rather than think about that. My roses are producing buds!

  4. We use rather large mugs as bowls. I have seen mugs with pictures on them. I would hate to have my mug on a mug. You pulled out of not having something to write about very nicely. Good work.

  5. I feel your pain! We all have those days where we get stuck in the doldrums. You have done a wonderful job of picking yourself up and finding something to write about. We have some wonderful mugs and some hideous mugs. I'll have to get my camera out to show you!

  6. I have tons of mugs and might block your email box.
    Oh, and we all have such days!