Friday, May 31, 2013

The Ubiquitous Columbine

If ever a flower could be described as a free spirit, it would be Columbine. It isn't really an invasive species that spreads out from it's original planting, like Lily of the valley. Columbine, just "pops up" here and there, almost at will. It mutates, changing colour and one presumes personality, as it moves location.

Columbine and Bleeding Heart

The name Columbine in Latin means dove. You can see how the flower got its name - don't the petals look like doves in flight.  Others have used the dove image to compare Columbine to the Holy Spirit. For this reason, the flower is often seen in medieval paintings. Personally, Columbine always reminds me of the story of Columbine and Pierrot, not as aesthetic as the dove image, but very romantic.

Mauve Columbine
However, time often changes the significance of names. Now Columbine will be forever associated with the tragic shooting at a high school in Littleton Colorado.

A little flower with a lot of meaning.

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