Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Nose Knows

Again I have to thank the crazy people I interact with (with whom I interact) on FB for this post. Fiona Ellis, knitwear designer extraordinaire, posted this note about a curio that can be purchased at Restoration Hardware. They are German Carnival noses and they have been reduced, in price that is, not size, from $295.00 to $265.00 - Rhinoplasty is extra :)  I love this store and must confess, I haven't been in often enough.


When I wrote my post about finding instruments around the house, I remembered that RH had once offered for sale a "Jug Band" in a box. It was pricey but it had the washboard, the broomstick "base," the jug and a few other instruments.  I thought, "What fun." You just open a box at a party and everyone starts playing!!

Obviously the people in product development at RH have a sense of whimsy, as well as nostalgia and theatre must run in their veins!!.

I have bought Christmas ornaments from their Yonge St. store and lots of small gadgets for gifts. I have also bought serious stuff, such as, a Swedish mop/floor wipe with a washable swab, plaster for cracks in the walls and curtain rods. It's not all fun and games, but a lot of it is!!

I am not sure that I have just the right spot for the nose collection. It would be a conversation piece, however, as Fiona commented, you would have to pick your topics carefully!!

Have an amazing day!!


  1. As a collection they look great together. Perhaps a plastic surgeon could display a bunch at his practice. More interesting than a fish tank in the waiting room!

  2. I can't see the noses being a decorative feature in my cottage. My husband has one already! ;-)

  3. Hmm, my youngest sister is a physician and she sees her lot of runny noses. That collection could be a great gift/joke for someone like her. :-D