Friday, May 17, 2013

The Blue Moose

I know that there has to be a restaurant, gift shop or something in the North named "The Blue Moose." It's an animal that people expect to find in Canada. The moose is not a refined animal. It is large, awkward and lumbers, moving from side to side to see where it is going. It also has a humorous sounding name, even if its homonym is a very refined French dessert - mousse.

Blue Moose

We have a chain of bar/restaurants called "Moose Wanooski."  My friend Julia and I ended up at one once, when there was nothing else around. I didn't mind the dozen or so flat screens, covering every sport imaginable. It was the noise levels that I had to scream over, which left me painfully hoarse. Finally we gave up chatting (read yelling at each other) and just watched the half dozen or so birthday celebrants get their faces dunked in cream pies while the wait staff, dressed as moose, sang the HB song!!

I worry that the moose in its many reincarnations may become the symbol of Canadian culture. E-gads, I hope not! When I lived in England, I was told that the only folk song that children learned in school for Canada was something about a lumber jack. The singer was pining (no pun intended) for her "logger lover" who stirred his coffee with his thumb! Alas!!

Time maybe to practise my French and whip up some Blueberry mousse, which civilized people eat with a spoon :)

Have a great day!!


  1. This made me laugh, Carol, your dry re-telling of such an evening! Wow! I can see why you gave up trying to have a conversation in such a place. I think I would have been pining after one of those cream pies.

  2. Sounds like a fun place, but I agree about loud. I want to be able to chat!

  3. Sorry to differ with you, Carol. It has nothing to do with the name- Moose, Shmosse... Every bar I have visited- that involves sports broadcasts- has a desire to be louder than the rock concerts that roll across this nation...