Friday, May 03, 2013

Spring Colours

I am fortunate that I live very close to a 200 acre arboretum. It's actually a huge cemetery right in the centre of the city and about 5 minutes from my office. Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day - 18C, full sun, no wind, so I decided to go for a morning walk. It was one of those days, when my world could wait for an hour, while I disappeared.

Actually, there were a few of us out with cameras. One photographer was in full regalia - tripod, pith helmet, several cameras, note book...he was probably at work :) While the rest of us were just playing!! Here is what I saw.

Flowering Crab - 2013

White magnolia

Colours by Nature

Then it was back to reality and work. When you exit the cemetery you come right up against the city - construction, traffic, condos, fast food, branding of every stripe and plastic in any colour imaginable. It's an amazing contrast.

Colours by Man
Have a colourful day!!

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