Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Musical Instrument Day

Today is "Buy A Musical Instrument Day." I am not sure why we need a day for this. In my house it probably should be "Find A Musical Instrument Day." My daughter has two guitars. My son inherited our old keyboard with a non-functioning key or two. I have preserved my grandfather's harmonica all these years, but sadly I don't play it. Now, I have always wanted a penny whistle. I'm sure I could buy one today, though it would cost more than a penny, I'm sure.

Also I have been toying with the idea of getting a new keyboard, so I can link it up to Garage Band on my Mac and create music to accompany my videos. Unfortunately I don't have the money at the moment, because I also want an I-Pad Mini and there are a few other "things" on the list that would come before a keyboard.

I missed celebrating May 20 - "Be a millionaire Day" which was also "National Pick Strawberries Day" - not sure that they're related :) If I remember tomorrow, I can celebrate "Lucky Penny Day."


Today is also my sister's birthday. She owns a small harp, as her musical instrument. Fortunately no one in the family plays the drums, trumpet, or tuba etc. However, I have always liked "the spoons." I thought that they ought to be sterling for the best sound, but given that they are an instrument of the poor, they were probably made of tin.

Yes, I think it would be much more frugal and interesting to have people "find" musical instruments or create music from things not necessarily designed to be musical. I remember holding flat blades of grass between my thumbs and blowing on them trying to get a sound. Reeds create very haunting music. Please add any "found" instruments that you know of.

The picture is my grandfather's harmonica. He always played "Camptown Races."

Have a musical day!!


  1. Yay we love musical instruments here at Field-Ness towers.... I once made a didgeridoo out of heavy duty cardboard tubing and sellotape :)