Sunday, May 26, 2013


Mountain Equipment Co-op (M.E.C.) is a great place. The company was started in Vancouver as a retail outlet for outward bound gear and equipment. There are now 16 locations across Canada. It's a sustainable business, structured as a co-op, with an appeal to people of all ages. I just love going there.

My daughter decided that she needed a new raincoat for camp. I couldn't convince her to get the zipper fixed on her old one, which she bought about 6 or 7 years ago also from MEC. Since I was still on the hunt for the perfect pair of "running" shoes and a new lighter backpack, I drove her down to the store. I just love its sense of adventure!! People were buying paddles for their canoes to go on, well, canoe trips. Others were trying on large backpacks for hiking through Europe and still others were just standing in awe, taking in the vibes!!

Kayaks at M.E.C.

I found a lighter than air backpack for $25.00 and I tried on a pair of orange running shoes. The colour was right but the fit was wrong, so I passed on them. I say that the orange colour was right because the few T-shirts and accessories that I had bought on sale earlier were all orange. The fact that they were on sale suggests that maybe the colour was really all wrong. Somehow I don't think that I will be blending in with the locals on my vacation! Now if I were portaging with a orange Kayak, I'd probably be OK.

Wine glasses at M.E.C.
Amazing gourmet accessories for those who can't quite leave the Dom Perignon at home, while out in the wilds.

Have an amazing day!!

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