Saturday, May 04, 2013

May the Fourth (force) be with you!!!!

I love this pun. The original expression "may the force be with you," is powerful. I don't think that it is diminished in anyway by the humour of the wordplay. In fact I think that the pun adds another dimension to the phrase. We actually have a day dedicated to the wish that everyone will receive a powerful force to help their hopes and dreams come true.

I have said this to people dealing with a terminal illness, for example. It is all encompassing. It covers whatever truth or power that you believe in. It presumes in a higher authority, but doesn't name it. It suggests magical intervention from another world and if we are at the end of our world, as we know it, we might very well be open to any helpful force from anywhere.

I don't follow Star Wars or Star Trek and I have never read Tolkien. I understand that there are cults out there that know all the characters, all the stories, all the lines. I just don't read fiction or fantasy and I rarely watch movies. However, I do enjoy the threads of these stories that weave themselves into the mainstream. "May the force be with you" is one. Another favourite is "live long and prosper." Please add any that you have collected.

The picture is from a stencil that was spray painted on a postal storage box at the bottom of our driveway. I knew in February that I wanted to write this post today and I didn't want to use a picture that was a copyright, so I snapped this one, when I remembered, just in case the authorities came by one day and painted over it. Well they didn't. In fact it's been there for about three years. I smile every time I see it. I generally don't like a lot of spray can vandalism, however, this one is quite sweet. I think that I'll try to take another picture today. There is too much February in this one :)

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. How wonderful that the "vandalism" has been left alone. It seems to have a special meaning :)