Monday, May 13, 2013

Crooked Mind...?

I have a very suspicious mind. I often have difficulty believing that things just are what they are. I always think that there is an extra dimension to something seemingly quite simple, for example:

1. I was considering signing up on one of those sites that stored your passwords for you. Then I thought, what if this is all a ruse and they are really there to steal your passwords. I passed on the idea :)

2. When I started writing my blog again, I used to get a lot of hits from countries that I least expected, Russia was one. Then I thought why would these people be reading a blog in English. Possibly to practise using another language. Then I thought that there were maybe people out there preparing to "infiltrate," for nefarious reasons. They would read blogs to study the life style of "ordinary people" so as to blend in.

3. I live in a residential area with four or five blocks of "mom and pop" shops. We have to have seven or eight manicure and pedicure salons. I have decided that some of these are "fronts" for illicit dealings.

4. Years ago we were looking at buying a house in a small town. When we drove into town, I was surprised to see a knot of young people just hanging out in front of the dry cleaners. Kids usually hang out in front of restaurants, or electronic stores etc., not the dry cleaners. I concluded that the person who owned the cleaners must have been the local drug dealer.

5. When I worked in bookkeeping for an organization there was an employee who always had complicated travel plans. They would buy a round trip ticket and then re-arrange their return dates or puddle jump around on a long haul flight, often skipping the use of a ticket or two. Given that they had a close relative who worked for an airlines and knew all the "tricks" that people used, to get free flights, upgraded flights, refunds etc. I decided that they were cashing in on these extra tickets and keeping the money for themselves.

I have always wanted to go into forensic accounting. I don't think that things are going to get any better either. I have just started reading mystery stories again.

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. There is simply no hope for you, Carol!!

  2. Forensic accounting? I see a new TV series on the horizon!

  3. I have never heard of forensic accounting. Before I got that far in your post, I was thinking that perhaps you should be a detective. But maybe forensic accounting is more your style?

  4. You are my kind of girl, Carol. Maybe we could go into collusion on a murder mystery. I didn't think anyone could be so paranoid without getting locked up. :)

  5. Hahahaha Carol you are just simply the best, i love reading your blog it cheers me up no end. Brava !

  6. Now you know, Carol, that you're gonna have to do a follow-up expose to this post--how many of these suppositions perhaps are true? Get your dark glasses on and go do a little investigative work! (And then don't forget to post your findings!)