Monday, May 20, 2013

Delorean to the rescue!!!

I had decided to head out to the North Face outlet which is/was about 20mins from the house to buy the few remaining items that we needed for the trip. The thought of the deal or the find prompted the two youngest to "hop on board." We set out for the outlet via the back streets. "Why go direct when you can maybe find something interesting on the side roads." And find something interesting we did. No sooner had I turned off the main street, when we saw the "back to the future car."  My daughter went nuts.  She spent the next 15 minutes telling me how rare this car was and how it had a cult following etc..etc.. Well by then I was several blocks away and had decided that I wasn't going back for a picture.

Back to the Future


Inside - the gear shift's a skull.

Fast forward 30 mins. We arrived at what should have been the North Face outlet only to find that it had moved, in spite of every on-line resource telling us that 21 Vaughan Rd, was the right spot!! It wasn't!!  So, dejectedly, we headed home. As we got closer to the spot where we had last seen "the car," I decided to make sure that I drove down that street.  Sure enough it was still there. I gave them the camera to take pictures.  I took one myself for the challenge, but they got the rest. A Delorean had saved the day!!

However, this is not the end of the car saga!!  Later in the day my husband and I went to the garden centre and parked very close to an amphibious car.  It was so cool!!  The license plate read Car H2O.

But it's not over yet. An hour or so later, I went to a sports shop - still on the hunt for good walking shoes - and I parked behind a Lotus.

This was a day for cars.  Probably has something to do with travelling.

Have an awesome day!!


  1. Wow! That's quite an unexpected car show. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. I remember with delight about the nautical car. When it first came out, I lived by the water and had every intention to employ it- only to find that I could not so obtain. Boy, was I disappointed.
    And, the DeLorean intrigued me as well- alas and alack that company has bit the dust as well.

  3. I had only seen such a car in movies. I would have liked to see a real one!

  4. That must have been some day. I can't imagine seeing so many cool cars in one day. I have never seen any of them. One would have made my day. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  5. I never knew there was an amphibious car, other than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Very cool. You would love my mother's cousin's collection of cars. He has maybe more than one Delorean and at least 30 more unusual and valuable cars, all with fewer than 20,000 miles on them (or somewhere around there, I can't remember). He's an amazing man and keeps these cars in pristine condition in specially conditioned buildings. He wants to make a museum out of his collection. I hope he does. Everyone should see them! Thanks for the car show!

  6. What an interesting car day! Funny cus I have a post coming up that in the electronic "pile" of pictures from the location includes a DeLorean that was in the parking lot (it prob won't make the post). DeLorean lived in the same area as me in NJ in the '80s and we used to see one all the time at the gas station. Great concept and certainly a rarity now.

  7. Oh, my son would have wished he was with you. What a day. You should have purchased a lottery ticket, too!