Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cat Sanctuary

A friend of mine came over for dinner last night. Brenda had been in Italy last November visiting a friend of hers who is a writer. She spent half her time in Rome and the other half touring Umbria, where her friend has a second residence (with an olive grove), and Florence.

We spent a long time going over our map of Rome while she told us where she liked to "hang out" in the city. At one point Brenda mentioned the "Cat Sanctuary" in the Torre Argentina, an excavated ruin very near us. I was thrilled. My daughter will love it!!

Pampered Cat

I remember when I went to Rome years ago that the Colosseum was overrun with cats. As a visitor you were constantly pestered for food. It was so sad. I understand now, that the cats have been removed to a shelter and the site has been improved. However, there seems to be a huge need for places all over Rome to look after abandoned cats, who have not been spayed by their owners.

I will make a point of going to the sanctuary and making a donation. I have three cats who are all very pampered!! I purposely stay away from shelters, because I could easily care for more. However, we will be on vacation and I am not going to fly one home!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Gosh I remember that about Rome too. I got my 'bubba' from a cat rescue sanctuary - they are aweome