Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bleeding Heart

I was hoping the plant "Bleeding Heart" had a lovely folk tale associated with it. Sadly, it doesn't. It should have, though, because it's a gorgeous flower with a very romantic name.

I plant the flowers that grew in my grandmother's garden. Gardens have this ability to preserve so much of life. I think of families passing on their stories to the next generation, through a perennial here or a recurring annual there. In fact, in many ways, your garden may even out live you.

Bleeding Heart

When we bought our house 30 years ago, it had a basic garden with a red rose bush. We rearranged a lot of the garden, but kept the rose, even though it was a little out of place with the other plantings. We called it "Mrs. Wilson's rose." We had bought the house from Mrs. Wilson's son about a year after she had died. Her rose lived on in the garden for many years.

Bleeding Heart - open

Another shot, a little closer and before I removed the stray bit of Maple tree floss from it.

More Bleeding Heart

It's a lovely flower but a little sad when I think of all those times when hearts bleed. Alas, the stuff of life!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Carol what absolutely stunning pictures to accompany wonderful blog. I love them, wonder if I can grow some here.