Friday, April 26, 2013

Random, Eclectic and Idiosyncratic Blog Ideas

I have a few ideas for blogs "brewing," but they need a little more time. Since I like to write about things that are random, eclectic and idiosyncratic, I went back to's idea generator to try out a few things. I like it because it is the epitome of randomness - key in a word and they give you a random sentence. Keep that word in the "slot" and you can keep generating as many eclectic sentences as you like - well maybe you will reach the end of the loop at one point, but not without a mother-load of ideas. Here is what Portent suggested for -
Random Kitchen Tool

1. How to be unpopular in the random world. Do a post on all those people who "plan" their lives very carefully.
2. How randoms are making the world a better place. This needs a little massaging, but one could generate a list of everyone who set out to prove/do/be something and ended up proving/doing and/or being something else.
3. What everyone is saying about randoms. This one is a challenge.

Cherry Pitter

1. Why no one talks about eclectics anymore. Maybe a post on how eclectics by any other name would still confuse people. - beatniks, hippies, hipsters, goths, indies... etc.
2. 15 facts about eclectics that everyone thinks is true. It would help here to know a true eccentric. Or maybe a post about those eccentric characteristics in all of us.
3. The unconventional guide to eclectics. Again having first hand knowledge would help with validity, then again making things up never hurt.

1. Why you shouldn't eat idiosyncrasies in bed. This needs a little massaging too, but it's right up there with the cracker crumbs.
2. Why Holden Caulfield thinks indiosyncratics are phony. Now this could easily turn into a post about those who are just trying to be different and those who really are different.
3.  5 Problems with Idiosyncratics. Do you live with one? Have one for a relative? Does it run in the family?
Cherry Pitter for those times when life is the "pits."

Of course I couldn't just suggest these ideas without doing one myself.
Here goes -

How to be unpopular in the random world

1. Always know where you are going, when you leave the house. This takes a lot of the serendipity out of life. There are no surprises at the end of the day and no one says, "How did we end up here? This is a cool place."

2. Take a map with you even when you know where you are going.  Then you may actually get there, and on time. This also takes a lot of fun out of a trip. You never get to meet unusual people because you aren't going to be asking for directions and you never end up in strange places lost, because you didn't ask for directions.

3. Leave the house with money. This negates the need to figure out how to get some money, when you suddenly find that don't have any. You also lose out on an opportunity to play the game of "Let's see how much we can get for free!"

4. Wear suitable clothing. Again, when you come prepared, you can walk in the rain or worse, however,  you spoil the fun of - OK, we can't do this because we aren't dressed for it, let's see what else we can do.

5. Have an agenda. Yes, you get more done, but again there isn't much room for let's just sit here and see what happens.

6. Never speak to strangers. Probably a good rule in a strange place, but I always love seeing people start a conversation with absolute strangers and have amazing things happen!

7. Always have "things" in order - gas in the car, extra tire in the trunk, jumper cables, jack, plane tickets, current passport, active credit card, house repairs done, remittances up-to-date, obligations met. You will never have to exercise your creative thinking by dreaming up wildly entertaining stories about why you haven't done these things!!

8. Read the instructions a.k.a. "know what you are doing." C'mon what's the fun in that?

Then again if you don't read the instructions, you end up using the tool incorrectly and if you used my first three photos of "the pitter," as an example, you would defintely sustain a serious injury from those pits :) I haven't used it in such a long time, that I managed to photograph it upside down - maybe an interesting metaphor on the blog :)

What "random" situation have you found yourself in?

Have a great day!!

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  1. Oh, Carol, I just love this. I'm always happier when my life doesn't go just exactly as I had planned it. Lovely idea for a post, and I enjoyed reading your "random" and meandering thought processes!