Friday, April 12, 2013

Purgatory Thy Name is Spring

The word of the day, the other day, was "placate" - to appease or try to please. Well, obviously we, up here in the North, have not been living properly or something, because the "gods" are not happy with us. Therefore, they are withholding Spring.

We need to placate them, some how. Human sacrifice used to work. In fact, I have a brother-in-law or two, that I would gladly offer up to the powers that be. However pleased the gods may be with them, (not) there are laws now against this type of appeasement.

What now? Well, I guess I could clean the house - but I did that for Easter - yes it warmed up a little. OK, maybe there is a message here. Also, I have been dutifully making interesting meals, thanks to all the people in my blogging groups who post such wonderful recipes. However, I've a sneaking suspicion, that the powers that be, are vegan so lamb roasts won't cut it.

Hmmm. Look we still haven't put away the snow shovels, so we shouldn't be punished for the hubris of believing that we could predict the weather with a few warm days. I swear I haven't planted a thing - just ignore those potted daffodils - they're for someone else :) I am still wearing my winter coat and I haven't put my gloves, hat or boots away!  What other penance is needed?

Snowdrops - a promise of Spring

We recycle, we compost, I even sent my daughter to Thunder Bay (boreal country) in September for the winter and she swears, she loves it!! OK, so maybe I haven't given you my first born, but she is my only daughter.

I am really at a loss for what else is needed to invoke your mercy, placate your anger and call a truce to these winter storms, so that we can start weeding the garden!! Yes, there are other powers, that also need to be appeased, lest with the lovely weather, we are overrun with ugly weeds and hordes of bugs..... Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Have a promising day!!


  1. I think with climate change (aka global warming), you can just get used to the changes that exist- like our 91+ degree day the other day- in APRIL!

  2. I am going to plant seeds in the morning if it kills me. I want our garden to be full of wonderful gems by the summertime. Fingers crossed that spring has finally sprung everywhere soon.