Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No Title!!!!

I read a post the other day that talked about the importance of "titles." Not the regal kind - "sir - such and such" or "dame - whatever." They were talking about the titles that you give your posts and how important that is in attracting blog traffic etc...etc...etc.

I can generally do the hooks pretty well. I often get published in letters to the editor and I have had a few articles published in periodicals. I don't submit many, so what I have submitted has generally been published..Oh.. except maybe the one on ironing - meh, who irons these days anyway - well that was my point - maybe we should do more and extend that to ironing out the wrinkles in our lives - but I digress.

Anyway, I was looking for an idea for a blog, so I was skimming my wall posts on FB - which now are way more than they were before - another FB liberty taken, I think - anyway, when I got to the 13th or 14th post about 10 things to do - 8 things not to do - 5 things to make you rich and 7 things to bring you peace - I choked!!

My horoscope, which I read in the daily paper and promptly forget, said that I could say whatever I wanted to today and that would be OK - we'll see. So I decided to buck the trend and eliminate the pressure for a compelling title. I also decided that I didn't need to be serious and try to save the world in one important post - I did that yesterday :)

I am going to borrow the headline from the other daily that I read which is "Who was that masked man?" It's about a video taken by a woman in Toronto of a raccoon that has learned to walk on power lines. It has probably gone viral by now, as did the monkey one from Ikea, also taken in TO. It's all happening here, as far as animals are concerned anyway and yes we are getting the Pandas!!  Here's the video.

Now I did a video of raccoons last Spring. Somehow it never went viral. Maybe I needed a better title. Here it is again.

My screen is still intact - these were very small raccoons. Oh well enough frivolity. It's back to the grind tomorrow. Join my blog, so as not to miss my post on the hydrocrystalophone :)

Enjoy your day!!

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