Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I came across a blog today by Dannie Wallace, that asked me to describe myself in one word. I took about a minute to come up with the word "determined." My life, in general, has been easier than some. I don't struggle with a major medical condition. I was able to go to university, get a job and change careers, when I needed to. Fortunately, I married a wonderful person and life has been good, but not without its challenges.

I had my bucket list:

1. Hitch through Europe - I left Canada after a few years of teaching to spend two years on the continent, living from time to time like a nomadic free spirit, going where the wind took me. I have never regretted it.

2. I returned to teaching, married, bought a house and settled down.

3. Determined to raise children, we adopted three!!! That journey has been wonderful.

4. I was determined to have my own business in a field that I enjoyed. I have had a few businesses - all enjoyable.

5. I have a few things left on the list and I am determined to realize them. One is being a published author. This is one of the reasons I blog daily.

The post that I was reading suggested other headings you could respond to with one word, for example:

Rug Bag from Istambul

a. Your body and their suggestion was "shapely." My answer is yes, if you like blocks.
b. Your cooking, again their word was "interesting." Mine would be more eclectic or re-purposed - I do a lot with leftovers.
c. Your career - the suggestion was challenging - that might be an understatement - how about "life-threatening."
d. Your hobby - enjoyable - nice but I think that, if you have a pastime, you should really be passionate about it, unless you have made it your career and you now need to escape into a hobby, which may be just a way of taking your mind off your full-time passion - still with me?
e. Your style - colour was their suggestion. OK my car is red. I like bright colours, but my style right now is tending to minimalism, except where my garden is concerned.
f. Your blog - heartfelt. It's not the word that I would actually use. Although I am committed to writing, I like to comment on the randomness of life - the eclectic and the idiosyncratic!! How about "warmly insane."  :)
g. Your house - maximized - there is not an inch of free space and I de-clutter regularly. Five people and friends live in a three bedroom inner city home...and did I mention the three cats!!

Rug Bag Souvenir

The pictures are of one of the souvenirs that I still have from my days as a nomad in Europe.

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Determined may be a fact, but just like with dual meanings- determined does not mean your life is now fully defined. Determine it differently.

  2. Enjoyed your post today. I'll have to go and check out that site.