Thursday, April 18, 2013

Content Marketing Tools Can Be Fun!!

This is a list from another blogger, Ann Mullen, who had asked about content marketing and was directed to this site -

I was blown away by the number of links in the list that are designed to help people with both writing and sharing their blogs. There are 55 links conveniently organized under headings. I don't think that I have heard of any of them, but you may have.

I tried the idea generator from - It took me a while to figure it out and it is a little "silly," but it does the trick. For example I keyed a word into their idea generator, which actually creates a sentence. The word clouds around it are a little confusing at the start, but add to the answer.

The first word I used was "blog." Their suggestion was "12 facts about blogs that'll keep you up at night." I then keyed in "idea." The new sentence was "How ideas are bringing sexy back." One of the comment clouds noted that "Justin Timberlake can only bring it back a limited number of times." :) Finally I keyed in "fun." The generator created this line - "12 problems with fun."

Cards are fun, when you are winning!!

I decided that I could actually write a blog on this topic.

1. Everyone's idea of fun is different. What's fun for you might totally suck for someone else. I had a fun weekend knitting - any takers :)
2. Fun is often left to the end of the day, after all those things that are not so much fun are done - like taxes.
3. Sometimes fun is hard to do in the morning before coffee - but maybe that depends on your definition of fun ;)
4. Fun can be complicated, such as, taking a video of a raccoon walking on wires and having that video go viral and then being interviewed by CNN as a result.
5. Fun is often short lived - like ice cream.
6. Fun can become addictive like ice cream or worse.
7. Experiencing others having fun can sometimes not be that much fun, especially at 3:00am next door.
8. Fun can be expensive - Paris for example.
9. What starts out as fun, may end up otherwise.
10. Fun changes as you age (read mature) so you are always having to adjust. When was the last time you forced a friend to eat a worm?
11. Fun may only happen after an event - sometimes years after, so you would need a strong memory, or all those awful things that happened to you then and could be fun now, will not be fun because they will have been forgotten - still with me.
12. The need for fun in itself can force people to try to create it on a regular basis. These people are often called idiots!!

Have a fun day!!


  1. Fun is in the eye of the beholder. We each have our own ideas of fun.
    Thanks for sharing yours

  2. This was such a great post! Thanks so much for sharing this. I went to the idea generator. Super cool! I'll check out the other links:)

  3. I don't have a strong memory, but I did follow your idea.

    My sister and I have fun on a regular basis, but it's all in the words we miss-hear or when one of us is quick witted enough to trip up what the other one said.

    What we laughed about recently? I forgot.

  4. I had FUN reading your post! It's especially true that fun changes as you age. I don't think I would experience too much fun in many of the activities of my youth. Nor could I try! lol! Great post!

  5. I like your idea of fun. As for having fun before my morning coffee, well, I am often in a bad mood before my cuppa, so not for me!

  6. Thanks for an entertaining read! you make some good points; your post is a reminder that we must make more room for fun !

  7. That list of 55 links is overwhelming. I bailed after clicking on several. I do, however, like the one you used to generate your "fun" post. Enjoy your humor and favorited that link for my own "fun"!