Thursday, April 04, 2013

Behind the scenes........

In going back to YouTube to double check something in their cat video, I found this expanded video on how IKEA actually made the film. If you love cats, you'll like this one.

I love cats, but I also like explanations of how things came to be. I like to explore the thinking behind an idea or a project. I am fascinated with how the creative mind works. Often the greatest ideas are born of common needs, or common observations.

The classic, of course is the "discovery" of gravity, supposedly because an apple fell from a tree on or near Isaac Newton. I watch Shark Tank with my youngest. I am always fascinated with the ideas that people bring to the show. There was the guy with the golf ball washer and the woman who invented a way of recycling the lipstick left in the bottom of your tube, into more usable lipstick.

I love fresh thinking. Something that gets us out of the rut. Edward De Bono was a master of Lateral Thinking. He devised "tricks" to force us out of the rut and possibly force us into a new direction.  I have written about using random words in your solution to a problem before.

For example you select a random word from the dictionary or maybe now from the internet and use this  word to solve a current problem. Let's say that the current problem is slow sales and the word of the day is "Chagrin." How can I use something that means an annoyance or an embarrassment to improve sales?

Can I:
1. Create a funny but embarrassing video?
2. Can I dress up a character to stand outside my shop to get attention?
3. Can I call a lot of customers, which may be an annoyance?
4. Can I look at what might be annoying customers about my business and change it?
5. How can I take the "cha" out of chagrin and just leave a "grin? cha, cha, cha :)

These are just a few ideas from one brain. Usually these exercises are done in a group, to spread the ideas over several different thinking styles and to trigger other thought directions in the group.

Please post any ideas you may have.

Have a great day!!


  1. Or, maybe, it just describes your feelings... :-)

  2. Or, maybe, it just describes your feelings... :-)

  3. Amazing what a smooth advertisement came from what looked like chaos. It just goes to show what the unexpected leads to! Great post.

  4. What an inspiring post. Thank you for lifting me out of the normal to think laterally.

  5. Lots of food for thought here. Thank you for sharing. Really got my wheels turning about ways to utilize the everyday to achieve the phenomenal.

  6. The idea of using a random word to solve a problem is such a cool idea. Now if I can just find a dictionary. I don't know how to find a random word on the net. Thanks.

  7. What an interesting concept. Using a word a day to solve a problem. That's thinking outside the box!

  8. The random word idea works well for photo projects too. I love the video! :-)

  9. I like the random word idea and lateral thinking. I've never tried it before, but think it sounds like a much more fun way to solve a problem than "racking my brain!" I love the cat Ikea video - so cute, although I was worried about all those cats together! Great post!