Saturday, April 13, 2013

Acrostic Poetry

This is a fascinating topic. I love structure, especially in areas where there is often very little structure, such as the arts. Although I like free verse, I also really admire poets who can work within the "rules" of structured poetry, such as, the Haiku, or certain rhyme schemes.

Caro Ness, in one of my other blogging groups, writes all her posts in poetry. She wrote the other day about another poet Linda Ann Nickerson who writes Acrostic poems. These are poems where the first letter of each of the lines eventually spells a word. When you become good at this you can start using the last letter of each line or letters within a line. It's a great way to start writing poetry, but it is also a fun way to simply create a poem. For example,


Saturday for me is a holiday.
A vacation from all that is drudgery.
Time for shopping and cleaning, or
Unexpectedly sealing, a
Really bad leak or a scratch on the
Door, plus the latch needs a screw
And the grass needs a mower
Your holiday starts when the chores are over.

The first letter of each line, when put together spell Saturday.

It's a short post today. I'm away at a knitting retreat with 24 other fibre artists. Great food, wine, wool and crazy outfits :) Today I'm enjoying my Saturday!!

Hope you have a good one too!!

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  1. Hey hey. Another fine post and a mention for my lovely Caro. Brilliant :)