Friday, March 29, 2013

Winging it...

I'm not sure why I have trouble following directions. Maybe innately, I hate being told what to do. I can't just follow a recipe, for example. I have to combine several recipes and then add a little this and that as well.


On Sunday, I made Paella, from a combination of three sets of directions, plus the this and that.  Last night, I made a pasta dish with a small piece of salmon, plus spinach & tomato, which I had to use up and then I was on my own. It needed more liquid so I added lemon juice and then some white wine. I had forgotten to start with onions and garlic so I added scallions and left out the garlic. I also added Basil, Paprika and Cayenne. I put noodles on to boil and when they were ready tossed them in the pan with the sauce I had just made.  It was delicious and I'm sorry now that I didn't take a picture.

I don't consider myself a cook, but I wonder if cooks start out this way. They understand the basics, know procedures and just add ingredients to create something that really tastes.

Tonight we are having a guest over and I'll be making pasta with clams. My husband insists that I follow a recipe from one of our cook books. I do - but I secretly make one change. I don't fry the fresh Basil with the bacon. I add it when I add the tomatoes and wine.  Just had to be a little different.

pasta with clams
Please post any "things" you do to personalized recipes.

Have a delicious day!!


  1. I often say that recipes are a lot like the Pirate's Code--more of a suggestion. :D This was a fun post and now I'm hungry!

  2. This is the way good cooks are judged on television shows--inventiveness combined with a basic knowledge of what goes together.

  3. Don't say that you are not a cook. You ARE a cook. I often read multiple recipes for the same thing and combine the ingredients, quantities and methods that appeal to me. AND, as a chef said the other night at a class I went to: cooking is a very personal thing. What one palette likes another may not. Season and flavor the way YOU want it.

  4. Magnificent ! I never EVER cook using recipes, only by flavour and taste. Recipes are just there to give you a list of basic ingredients and how they are put together is entirely up to you. It looks FABULOUS, I love paella :)

  5. Dear Lovely Person:
    Please come to my house and make this for me. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Amy

  6. It looks great. I also have my little 'arrangements with recipes...'. For instance, I sometimes replace flour with ground almonds. I love it.