Wednesday, March 06, 2013


I probably really mean "yesterday" but you get the idea!

I suppose that there is really no reason why anyone should run out of ideas to blog - today or any day because, you can google these very current topics anytime:

1. Photo of the day. It's from the National Geographic. It made me wonder if there were photographers out there that got paid for posting to the magazine, so they could just wander the world taking pictures! I may have found my next dream job or at least I can dream about this as, my next job.

Icicles at Night

2. Video of the day. There are videos of the day and viral videos of the day. The Vlogs (blogs with video) may conquer the world :)

3. Google of the day. "Hot Topics" a sub page on google gives a list of items that were searched most that day.

4. Person of the day. I even found an obituary review - Dead Person of the Day and yesterday it was John Belushi.

There are more than enough sites willing to give you - Word of the Day, Quote of the Day, Food of the Day, Poem of the Day and 10 Things you Need to Know Today.  Below is poem of the day.

The Lottery Sellers
They will be gone by now, the blind lottery sellers of Athens, swept from the streets in time for the Olympics. Even the Greek businessmen sipping coffee in the streetside caf├ęs find these old men selling paper tickets to be embarrassing, a reminder of the Middle Ages or worse: they are the blind of Sophocles, their voices twisted and keening. "Buy some luck" they cry, swaying under yokes of hanging tickets.
Everyone knows the age of luck is over. We have entered the age of muscle.
A waiter carries a Chilean sea bass to the table.
The lottery sellers will be taken to the country;
This won't be anything new. They will play chess. Some will play fiddles.
The time for luck will come around again.

Letters to Borges
Copper Canyon Press

Icicles at Day

5. Luck of the Day - this you will have to make yourself. Please list the "lucky" things that happened to you yesterday. For me it was a lucky day because the sun was shining, in spite of the cold. The days are getting longer and brighter!!

The pictures are just from a random moment yesterday. They are icicles that form on the Lilac tree outside my back door. Can't wait for Spring!!

Have a lucky day!!

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  1. Great post for those asking the question "what do I blog about". As an award winning photographer and videographer I'd love to travel the world and take photos. That's why on Sunday's I post about places we've visited and share a few photos.