Friday, March 15, 2013

Time to Buy Shares in Windex!!

OK I have completely lost my mind. Either the winter has been too long and I'm suffering from cabin fever or I'm giddy and light-headed because of the three days of sun that we had on the weekend, but here's my third post in a row with a video!!

I just couldn't resist this one either. It is probably the antithesis of Wednesday's post, which was historical, bricks and mortar whimsy. Today's blog is all about the future and how we will be doing "things" in maybe just a few years.

Time to buy shares in Windex!! After all you would have to keep all that "glass" clean. Or maybe it polishes itself :)

Although, I liked the medical aspects of the video - and the "dummy" that looks like Patrick Stewart, I'm not sure that I agree with the field trip to the forest. Somethings just have to be "real." As easy as life seems in the video, I wonder how simple it really is. How easy would it be to "fix" something, if it broke down? What if the closet door refused to open one day? Believe me you couldn't just give it a kick!

BTW did anyone see a piece of paper or a book? I have to believe that the house vacuums itself. No one actually gardens. All the food is genetically engineered and perhaps "scientifically cooked." Some things in the future will not be all that transparent!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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