Saturday, March 30, 2013

Those who live on water.....

The other day we went to an area on Lake Ontario that has a community of people who live in houseboats. Now, I am fascinated by houseboats. I am not sure that I am the type of person who needs to be on water all the time, but I can understand that need in others and as an alternative life style, I can enjoy it.

I remember it was a long time ago when I first realized that people actually lived on water all the time. I was living in London and there was an article in the paper about houseboats on the Thames near Maidenhead. I was smitten.

Now, I come from farm stock and to work the land, is my first choice, but I am also in love with the idea of an alternate lifestyle. I dream of living in a home that you can move from place to place. VW camper vans are probably easiest; but there is a romance about barging through connected waterways, finding obscure moorings and just, well, hanging out with people who maybe think a little differently, from the suburban, 4 bathroomed, three car garaged, set!!

I mentioned the outing to a few people. My friend who is a Sagittarius said that she could never live in a houseboat, well she is a fire sign - now I know that she could live in a car. She regularly drives from Ontario to Newfoundland, where she has a house - near, but not on water!! My other friend, an Aquarius, said that she could live in a houseboat and in fact had a friend who had actually owned one.

I know that there are houseboat communities in lots of places.  Maybe I just need to rent one for awhile. It would be moored in one place, but I would have access to the water with a kayak...hmmmm I feel a road....err water trip coming on!!

Please post your alternative lifestyle dream!!

Have an amazing day!!


  1. I love the idea of living on the water. Not such cold water, though. And not so close to the neighbors! Still, charming to look at and visit!

  2. I've always felt drawn to living closer to the water, probably because, living in Nebraska, I've been surrounded all my life by miles and miles of land. I don't know if I'd want my neighbors quite as close as this picture shows, though.

  3. I've thought several times about how nice it would be to retire to a houseboat. HGTV occasionally runs shows that feature homeowners who've done just that.

  4. Oh now I love the water, before I snapped my arm in two, nearly three years ago I used to sail a lot and the thought of living on the water entralls me. Now? dream lifestyle? I guess a small homestead, being self-sufficient and having ducks and chickens and geese ( No Surrey with the fringe on top) and a pig and a goat ( Caro ness won't let me have a goat) I love your blog it makes me feel all warm an toasty :)

  5. I would be in heaven living on the water. My dream is actually to work my way through (camping) as many State/Federal Parks as possible but a houseboat would be a wonderful alternative.