Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Self Portraits

I'm in an on-line photography group which, in addition to running a picture-a-day challenge for 2013, also has mini challenges from time to time. Our moderator, Cricket Walker, has asked us to post pictures that say a lot about who we are now.

BTW this is a very easy, open group, if you are interested - just do a FB search for "I love photography" and tell Cricket I sent you :)

Back to the "self portraits." It was difficult to find pictures that "say a lot about me," because so much of who I am depends on the day, the direction of the wind, the colour of the sky, the song in my head and....well, you get the idea.

I took a quick scroll through my picture collection and found a few that said me, today. Here's one.

I know it's a little crazy - go figure. It's in Toronto, but it makes me think of Parisian cafes, coffee houses in Greenwich Village, and quaint little bistros anywhere. I want to sing - better make that, have someone else sing - "Roses of Picardy." I'm nostalgic. I could live in the past. I love historic places - the funkier the better. Here's another.

It's a sign for the same restaurant advertising their patio. This is more like the "left bank" in Paris. It's a place you'd find in an artists' community. You could be living in an attic room, as a painter or writer. You would go out in the evening to a neighbourhood haunt for dinner and drinks. You would chat about art and culture, food and wine. I think of Hemingway and all the intellectuals that lived in Paris in the 20's.

Maybe I just have to go there - to find myself :)

Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like a great group and a challenging undertaking. Fun. I agree, it is probably hard to define oneself in a single photo. (or several)... If you were a cafe, I believe you would have a lot of regular friends!

  2. There is a Woody Allen movie I saw on TV..On was a small film, Im not a fan of Woody but this film I must say was good.
    Midnight in Paris....your photo brought that memory of that movie to mind....
    My photo would be? Something to dream about on this SNOWY SPRING?day in northern Ontario...♥Debi

  3. Great photos. A past aquaintance of ours, former equiry to Prince Philip, once knocked about with Hemmingway. I believe the film, 'My Man in Havanna' was based on his life. Romantic, dangerous times. I'd drather be me right here, right now.

  4. Great pics Carol. They also say you like looking up, and that's wonderful. E

  5. Love the photos, Carol, and that sounds like a wonderful group to belong to! Well done!