Monday, March 18, 2013


There was an article in the Sunday Star yesterday about an issue of new Canadian stamps. This series will honour Canadian photographers. I was thrilled. I love photography. Here is the article.

I particularly liked the fact that they have chosen Margaret Watkins. Her pictures are often of domestic scenes, something that I can really relate to :)

Well maybe I didn't get picked (again) to be a famous photographer on a postage stamp!!! But I can, at least, fill a blog or two with photos that I have taken around the house - maybe to ease the boredom of domestication - is that a word?

Glass Door Knob
I started a series of photographs, a while ago, celebrating things that we take for granted around the house. Here is the glass door knob on the hall closet "illuminated." I opened the front door to take the picture. It was summer and the sun was shining. Some how, I think that it would be lost on a stamp, though.

Morning Light

This is a picture that I took very early one morning. The light was streaming in through the window and caught this empty bottle, projecting it against the tiles on the wall behind. This again is probably not stamp material. Well you could flavour the glue with beer :)

Glass Jug

Here is another with morning light and shadows.  I think that this one has stamp possibilities!! I know that "real" photographers would set up these photos with proper lighting and back grounds etc. However, domestic life doesn't always allow time or space for this. I often have to rely on the whims of nature for my settings. On a cloudy day, I don't photograph shadows :)

Have a picture perfect day!!


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  2. I think the photo stamps are a great idea! It makes every letter a little more interesting!

  3. The light playing through the glass makes wonderful pictures. Well done.

  4. I haven't seen a glass door knob since my grandmother's house! Boy, did that bring back memories (including trying to orient the door to have the prism view on the floor...)

  5. Carol,

    I have always been drawn to glass with the sunlight flowing through. I think that comes from my youthful experiences with stained glass. In fact for about a year or so I worked with trying to create stained glass art. I still have a few of the pieces and they still make my heart leap when the sun passes through them. Thanks for the wonderful memory you evoked.

  6. Love the inspiration but more so the objects of clear glass. Cool.

  7. Carol, these are captivating photos! I love how I'm drawn to look at them for more than a moment in order to appreciate the light and shadows. I don't believe you need any professional lighting! Photography on stamps is a wonderful idea!

  8. You are so right! We take so much for granted! After all, it is the small things that matter, and you have managed to capture them.