Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Magic and a used book store.....

Someone posted this video to my wall the other day. It's the story behind the expression "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON." In brief the British government in 1939 commissioned posters to be created, printed and distributed throughout the UK in an effort to calm fears about the impending war.

Three posters were selected including the iconic KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON." The first two were actually printed and distributed. However, although 2.5 million copies of "KEEP CALM..." were printed, it was intended for use only during extreme circumstances - they were never distributed!! After the war the copies were packed away.

Fast forward to a used book store in Northumberland. Barter Books is a charming location created from an old Victorian railway station. One day while sorting through some boxes they had bought at auction, the shop owners came across an original copy of "KEEP CALM...." They liked it so much, they had it framed. Others liked it too and so a craze was born. Here's the whole story.

PS. I love the toy train. I am so glad that there are still people with a sense of fun and whimsy in this world. This would never happen in a chain store!!

Keep calm and dream on!! You are the magic; make it happen!!

Have an amazing day!!


  1. So much I like about this post. The book store location and features are amazing. The video very interesting. Love the little arrow showing the N.E. of England. I had no idea of the history of this phrase that I keep seeing parodied. The sentiment however effects me in two ways. One: I admire what I believe is really it's intent. Two: It concerns me about complacency. There is so much going on in politics that I should understand more about and probably be more concerned about... but... I just carry on... Great post!

  2. Given the terrorist plagues of the 21st Century, the Banking debacle (amazing how none of them are in jail, right?), the climate change (tsunami, hurricane, drought- but never an acknowledgment of the facts), there is more than a simple reason why that message resonates.
    I, for one, am thrilled that a local bookstore with reading rooms is leading the charge!