Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Saw The Light

I couldn't resist this shot. It's the physical equivalent of all those times when you are just walking down the street and an idea hits you!! Well, I was just walking down the street when I almost bumped into this lamp in front of an antique shop. It was random and it was funny. It reminded me of the classic comic book illustration of a character getting an idea!!

So now what do I do with it. Can I really write a blog post about a light bulb? I wonder to myself if it's a tri-light. This would then be a really BIG idea. It's not plugged in, but the sun reflecting on the glass suggests illumination. Is it getting energy from the cosmos? I think that some of the best ideas come when you are outside, taking in the forces that are there.

I am reminded of all those references to people who were "blinded by the light." Is this a message from the gods or the powers that be? I wasn't struck dumb but I was a little amazed and amused. What is the world trying to tell me? Maybe it's just, "watch where you're going." :)

I am secretly glad that it was an incandescent bulb. As important as they are for the environment and the economy, those twisted white lights will never do for the mind or the comics what Edison's bulb has done. I think again "twisted white lights." Maybe this is what's wrong with the world today!!

Maybe we should roll back to the incandescents? Or regress further. What would an oil lamp or a candle do to our current (no pun intended) thought patterns?

Just an idea!!

Have a delightful day!!


  1. Did you buy it and take your 'idea' home? :) Great read, as always!

  2. Those twisted white lights. Seems like I replace them more often the good old kind. Love the photo.