Sunday, March 03, 2013

Grey is the colour of my true love's car....

Well it's actually white. But really, white, grey, black. These seem to be the perennial colour choices in cars these days. I have to believe that car companies paint cars in colours that will "sell." So people must be asking for this palette of bland, boring colours!!

Maybe most of the world is populated by bland, boring people - I hope not. OK some people may like black because it's "dramatic" and "sexy" like Batman and lingerie. (That's not Batman's lingerie.)  But your dramatic black car in a whole row of black cars ceases to stand out.

Now maybe when people choose grey, they are really thinking silver and this suggests a certain "flair" a little "bling" perhaps!! But really if you put a whole parking lot of grey (silver) cars together, you get something that looks like "chain mail."

And white is Blancmange. It needs a lot of spicing up!! No, I need the flash of a yellow Corvette, or the heat of a red Ferrari. OK a red Honda. I couldn't imagine driving a car, if I had a choice of colour, in anything less than a brilliant "paint box" shade - red, bright blue, kelly green, yellow, purple even orange.

Lately, I've seen some cars with patterns on them. I passed one Smart Car designed like the hide of a Holstein cow. This idea opens up a whole new approach to "decorating" a car. Not only do you have colour choices, but you also have pattern choices - think pinto ponies, snakeskin, leather with saddle-stitching, lace, flowers, leaves, gears, checkerboards.... the list is endless and so much more fun!!

Have a delight ful day!!

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  1. I recently saw a car that was "wrapped" with the image of their dog! I thought maybe they were dog groomers advertsing their business. When I saw the owners come out of the store I mentioned how cute their car looked. That's when I learned they did it simply because they love their dog!