Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some days are just like that..

I almost forgot to post today. I am finally back at working on this website that I started in October, when I ran into all sorts of compatibility problems, such that I had to uninstall everything and start from scratch again, except that my login had somehow become invalid and I couldn't just start again. Well, some things on-line are really not that easy.

However, this morning, I was zipping along, until I tried to embed a video on the home page - more glitches. Finally I decided to take a break and go to IKEA to get some blinds. Some how, after years of "making do" with the blinds we had - today was deemed a "blind crisis day." So I got to go to this mob scene  (do people not have lives?), while my husband went to the pet store to get a collar for one of the cats - easy for him!!

Did I mention that with the wind chill it was about -15C. Why everything has to fall apart on one of the coldest days of winter is, I suppose governed by Murphy's Law.

Have an uncomplicated day!!

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