Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Slideshows and Video

A year ago I bought a MAC because it had IMovie. I had tried video editing software for my PC and just ended up frustrated. IMovie made life much easier. I am fascinated by video, especially if it is not staged, but makes an interesting comment on life.

Since June of last year, I have been part of a planning committee for a "knitting retreat" this April - 12-14. It's a weekend where people, who like to knit or crochet get together to, take a few classes, eat some great meals and just have a lot of fun!!

Ten of us have met once a month at a restaurant - Marche - in Toronto to plan this weekend. I took some video of our meeting yesterday and posted it last night on Youtube for the group to approve, before I put it on our retreat's blog. Well, I have had a comment already on the slideshow from someone just browsing YouTube.

Here it is.

I think that it is a wonderful example of people working together. I am pushing myself to do more video on a regular basis - it just brings text to life!!

Have an animated day!!


  1. I must say, I didn't get a lot from this video. Maybe it helped you to record the event. Best of luck with making your video's clearer.

  2. Thank you Francene. The video was not really meant to be instructional. It was more about the collage effect of a group of people working together. I certainly appreciate your comment.

  3. I loved the collage effect and the fact you are playing with video is so cool. Well done.

  4. Great job incorporating video in your blog!