Sunday, February 03, 2013


I'm embarrassed to say that I use Go-Daddy to register domain names. I knew about their commercials before I went to their site and I thought that I really shouldn't be supporting a company that so blatantly uses females for "fun and profit."

However, when I was searching around for an inexpensive site to park a few domain names, the best I found was Go-Daddy and at least I could remember their name.

Also when I have had to call them for tech support on an issue or two, I have always had some charming young man at the other end of the phone walk me ever so very politely through the various steps, that I couldn't find a thing to dislike about them.

One of my websites registered with Go-Daddy. I guess that I exploit lace for fun and profit.

So here I go again, renewing the few domain names that I have decided to keep - you got 'em - Go-Daddy!!

Have a super day!!

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  1. I agree. I've tried a few other registrars, and Go Daddy is great. Wonderful to work with, easy to use and not very expensive!