Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Distilled...

As Winter drags on and I hear the freezing rain clicking outside, I am reminded of a phrase that appears often on my FB wall - "choose to be happy." I really have to remind myself that I can't let the elements interfere with my "celebration" of life!!

I had to remind myself of the phrase yesterday too, even though it was a holiday and we went to The Distillery District as a outing. It was still about -5C with a wind. However, I did get some pictures.

Although they were taken yesterday, I am posting on a 24-hour day that starts about 8:00am one day and finishes about 8:00am the next. This is my excuse anyway, for posting yesterday's pictures as today's in the challenge.

I love the old bricks. This was on a wall of a building marked "Stables." I can see, in my mind, the horse drawn wagons, hauling whiskey to the "pubs" before prohibition.

This is possibly a chute for grain to be milled. They used wind power rather water at this plant.

I couldn't shoot the grill of the truck because there were garbage cans in front. This heritage site has some lovely features but there is a nagging sense that much will be destroyed because of encroaching development. Already there are 3 or 4 very tall glass condos surrounding the tiny enclave, with more in the works. And even though they have kept some facades, they have taken down others and put buildings with great glass walls right on the cobblestones - much has been lost.

Oh well, time for a cup of tea!! Tomorrow is another day!!

Have a great one!!


  1. I love your picture adventures to go with your word discoveries!

    I love the phrase 'choose to be happy', and in my book I tweaked it to say 'allow yourself to be happy', which has a slightly different angle to it!

  2. Thank you Gordon. I love your take on the phrase too!!