Friday, February 22, 2013

A Macaron a Day

I am blessed (if I don't mind putting on weight) with having four French bakeries within walking distance of my house. Three of the four are within 100yds of each other - maybe the 100yd diet :) Well, I spread my patronage around to all four. Yesterday I was in Thobor's on Mt Pleasant and I couldn't resist the macarons. I didn't buy any, I just took a picture or two of their display and promised myself, another day. Here they are...

Macarons a.k.a. Macaroons

The variety is endless. Some of the flavours that Thobor's offers are Lavender, Pistachio, Earl Grey, Raspberry, Coffee, to name just a few!! I googled "macaron" and found that one of the other bakeries, "La Bambouche" is hosting a charity macaron day March 20, 2013 in aid of the Red Door Family Shelter. Here's the link -

Macarons a.k.a. Macaroons are delicate confections made of egg whites with a tasty filling. Think Oreos with meringue rather than a cookie dough and a yummier filling. Here is the wikipedia link to a rather detailed history of the origin of macarons. There is even a suggestion in the article that these biscuits could be made with foie gras. Well if you can use foie gras, you can use bacon!!

Macarons at Thobor's

Something to brighten a Winter's day

Have a colourful day!!


  1. yummy, they do look inviting. Cannot believe you left them on the shelf!

  2. I admire your strength. Some of those would've had to have come home with me.

  3. Those look delightful! I always confused the coconut confection with these but now realize that the coconut confection is known as a macaroon, and the ones you show are considered macarons. I've never tried the macaron before. Thanks for a lovely post!

  4. I've never seen macaroons that are multi-colored before! Beautiful! Wow, I can't imagine having four French bakeries within walking distance. What a temptation! I enjoyed the post!

  5. Those are great pics! Or cruel! I tried reaching into my laptop a few times but to no avail....

  6. I think they look stunning and I admire your resolve !