Monday, February 18, 2013

3-D Printers...

I may have written about 3-D printers before. They have come down in price, such that they are almost affordable for the average family. These printers actually create 3 dimensional objects, such as, wrenches, bicycle chains and probably knitting needles, to name a few.

Just as our regular printers lay down ink to produce pictures and text, 3-D printers lay down resin, metal, ceramic, even human tissue to create objects. Here is an article about the printers. I googled 3-D printers and was amazed at how commonplace they seemed to have become. That's the speed of light at which we are all travelling - read an article one day, that sounds like science fiction - turn around the next day and your brother-in-law has one.

As pdfs have changed the print industry so too will 3-D printers change the way we live. If you read the article, you will have notice that 3-D printers can create guns - by-passing various gun registry programs. They can even create human organs - very freaky!!

Any 100 mile program on sustainability will become obsolete. People will be able to exist on items created within 100 feet. One of the first things to do, I think, would be to move to digital locks, because anyone could create master keys - Paranoia runs in the family!!!

Have an uncomplicated day!!

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