Sunday, January 27, 2013


I had to pat myself on the back the other day.  I don't do this often, but then again I don't do things often to warrant that "pat." I have taken most of the month to "move across the hall" to better space. Well, today the "phone guy" came to move the phone, fax and internet lines.  It took a while but finally I had a connection in the "other room."

So now it was my turn.  I had to move and reconnect two computers. I also had to link them and two printers to a D-link for networking and to a modem for the internet. This is not my calling. I am better at "artistic things." But my Dad was an electrical engineer so maybe some of that "stuff" rubbed off.  Anyway at the end of the day, I had physically moved 2 desk tops with huge monitors, separate keyboards and "mice" as well as two printers and a few other "things." I hooked them all up so that they were working and talking to each other!!

And it just took 3 power bars, 10 miles of cable :) and a wired configuration that would make Ben Franklin weep. I also had the wonderful opportunity to use a few of those gadgets, connectors and splitters that have been collecting dust, waiting for a day when they might be needed - their day had come!!

Connected here are:
1. 2 CPUs
2. 2 monitors
3. 1 set of speakers. I threw the other set out.
4. 2 printers.
5. 2 credit card terminals - US and Canadian
6. 1 D- Link
7. 1 modem
8. 1 Calculator
9. 1 Shredder

Plus the cables for two telephones, a fax and the internet. You are never to old to get "wired."

Have an amazing day!!

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