Thursday, January 03, 2013

Winter Gardens...

When we first set out to plant our inner city garden about 30 years ago, we decided that we wanted a garden for all seasons. Planting for Spring to Fall was easy, given that we already had a full sized Sugar Maple growing there. A winter garden would take some thought, as the garden was narrow, but fortunately quite long.  So, although we had a white birch, we had no evergreens, essential for keeping green of any sort all year.

Finally after many trips to the garden centre, we planted several Yews, a few Cedars, one False Cypress, a Blue Spruce, four Juniper and a White Pine. They all looked very small and I would have planted more, but the money had run out.

Well they grew as did the noses of the garden centre experts that said, when asked about the final height of several of the trees, "maximum six feet." The White Pine has to be 20' high and the False Cypress about 12' - the others fall, or rather stand, somewhere in between. As a result, I have very little space for flowers that need full sun in summer, however, I have a winter garden that blooms, with a little sprinkling of snow.

Here is the white (well, almost white) birch, rhododendrons and holly, with snow.

And the Rose of Sharon, with the False Cypress to the left and the Blue Spruce, with maple above - a winter garden in bloom.

Plant today for a fruitful tomorrow.  Plant for all seasons, to make the best of each and never rule out the ability to create beauty in the most difficult circumstances.

Have a wonderful day!!

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