Friday, January 18, 2013

What's in a name..?

I was surfing the internet today looking for an interesting blog topic when I came across a site that listed some of the weirder phrases that people have keyed into the search engines. Anyway the one that stuck, was the woman who asked whether she could legally give her sons all the same name, "Jack," I think.

I have posted before about a country, Iceland, that limits your choice of first names for children to two approved lists - one for girls' names and the other for boys' names.  There is also a country which limits your choice of last names to about four or five approved names - Korea, I think.

I also knew of someone who named her first born, a son, Alexander and her second child, a girl, Alexandra.  She then went on to name the other three, all girls, Andrea, Angelica and Albertina. I know that a lot of families give their children names that begin with the same letter.  Often that letter is the same letter as their last name.  My cousin, whose last name started with a D, named her children - Darren, Daryl, David and Doretta. Actually her first name was Donna.

Amaryllis almost in bloom

Names are so fascinating. Wouldn't you want to give each child a very special name? I know that popular names go in waves and old names come around again with a fresh new sound - Stella - comes to mind. A few years ago, there was Kate and a few more years ago there was Jessica. I guess that there is hope for Hilda, Myrtle and Maud.  Maybe not.  Even with the TV series "Maud," there wasn't a rash of girls named Maud.

What is your favourite name for a boy or a girl?

How does the picture fit in? It's part of my 365 picture a day challenge and it's the best I could do today, other than taking a picture of my car jack, but then I would have had to go out in -5C temperature, dig through my trunk and find the jack. Even then you would have had a picture/name of another car part and I have done that :)

Amaryllis is the name of the Greek nymph who fell in love with a shepherd. As a result of her unrequited love, she killed herself and from her blood sprang the beautiful red flower - Amaryllis.

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  1. I didn't know that about Iceland, that's interesting.
    I'm the youngest of 3 boys, all named beginning with G, but it was only when I came along that my parents made the decision.

    I often wonder about people that call their son the same as themselves - is that a nice thing, or is it egotistical?

    Also, why don't parents call their daughters the same as the mother?

  2. I always learn so much when I read your blog Carol, thanks for that!

  3. I recently got awarded the Liebster Award. One of the rules is that you pass it on to eleven people who have blogs -- so I've sent it on to you. The post is here:

  4. I'm so glad that Amaryllis flowers come in many different colors now. The one I have growing is white with pink. I'll probably think about that blood the next time I see a red one. lol - sad. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.