Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wabi Sabi revisited

I loved Jenny Heston's post a few days ago on Wabi Sabi - the Japanese term for "celebrating the imperfect" among other things.  I totally agreed with Jenny.  Why wait for "the perfect" situation?  Why not enjoy what is here and now?  Maybe even enjoy it because of its limitations?

I have been looking for a focus for my photography - no pun intended. I thought, because of Jenny's post, maybe I could concentrate on celebrating the imperfect through my pictures.  Here is a photo of what I mean.

For example, I might never have taken a picture of this rusty gate in the past. But if I look at the rust as an added dimension, a real positive, then I think that the picture has more meaning. Maybe it tells a story of the years that it's been there and the people who have walked through it? Can you hear the creak of its hinges?

Pretty pictures, in a way, are easy to take.  There are no imperfections. The challenge with the not so perfect is to make it look amazing, to celebrate those imperfections as an aspect of life. They are part of the journey - the wrinkles, scars and rust spots of a life well lived!!

Have a perfect day!!


  1. Couldn't agree with you more! The slight imperfection makes the whole more beautiful still...

  2. What a great post Carol. It gave me chills. I loved the gate and the way you described it. Think about the hands that have touched it, all the people who have entered or left through it and their stories. Also thank you for being inspired by Wabi Sabi.

  3. Photography for me is not about capturing the perfect picture, but capturing a moment in time that you can remember forever. Wabi Sabi is perfect for photography. Nice post. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for visiting my blog.