Friday, January 11, 2013

Roofers from the Realms of Glory...

We are in maintenance mode.  First we had plumbing work done on Christmas Day and now we have the roofers in.  Actually we knew in advance that the roof was in trouble and we finally booked a company to come in and replace the shingles.

Well, of course, it's never just the shingles, is it? There is always something else.  This time the eavestroughs are a mess  We knew that, but we were pretending that it was something, such as too many leaves on the trees falling on the roof and bunging up the works - not so - or maybe partially so. Basically we need new gutters...Oh how I hate spending money on gutters, even if they are in the sky, or least over head.  Money down the drain or the down spout!

Winter Roofers

Anyway, if I have to spend money on the roof, I might as well make it a photo op.  Actually you have to ask yourself, what would it feel like to get up every morning and know that you were going to spend the day working outside, at least 2 or 3 stories above everyone one else, who is outside - highrise window washers excluded - then again that's another job that has its challenges.

There is something very surreal about people who work up above.  So different from miners and subway personnel who spend their lives underground.  What does a job say about your personality?  I work downstairs in a room without windows.  Although I love my work and the people I connect with everyday, I wouldn't mind doing it above ground!

January 10, 1863 the London Underground opened. It thrived in spite of coal fired trains, gas lighting and a general subterranean phobia. Think of the number of people who take subways to work. There are people who go to Paris just to travel through their massive sewer system. If I manage to get to Rome this year, I will make a point of going to the catacombs.  I guess things that are underground have a certain mystery about them.  But so do people who live in attics. OK this blog was about replacing a roof and not necessarily about people who live under the eaves and maybe need replacing - the eaves that is :)  I just got carried away!!

Have a surreal day!!


  1. It's ok to get carried away - you paint a very vivid picture!

  2. Sometimes it's good to let your stream of consciousness flow. Sometimes. This time, though, it certainly worked. I enjoyed the picture of the roofers and the connection you made to the tunnelers.

  3. This reminded me of the scene in Mary Poppins where the chimney sweeps dance on the roof and show the children a different perspective :)

  4. This is a nice prompt about working environment..
    When I did entertainment work in a professional capacity, I stopped on many occasions to note how surreal it was to be getting paid to stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people.
    I did see a documentary which had window cleaners on the worlds tallest building - now *that* would take some getting used to!