Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Picture poetry...

Sometimes I just see an interesting picture right in front of me.  This is why I like to have my camera ready.  Today the photo op was in the dining room at about 6:00am. Light from an outside lamp was streaming in through the window, creating interesting shadows. I had to record it!

These are the times when I can be transported. This could be a movie set for some indolent film of the languid South. Or it could be the attic room of an ancient estate on the moors or in the highlands. The juxtaposition of the tangled vines and the rigid grid of the window and radiator creates an eerie effect, as does the absence of colour.

I have just finished reading a blog posting of some Haiku created by the author.  Here's my take.

The Room

Carry me away
To an artist's chamber. Then,
Let me think and dream.

Have a magical day!!

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