Tuesday, January 08, 2013


On Saturday I got to enjoy my Christmas present from my eldest son. He had bought tickets to see Andrew Lloyd Weber's "The Wizard of Oz." We went together with his partner.  I was thrilled. My husband isn't a great fan of musicals so he may get tickets to a ballgame in May or June.

For years, when my son was young, we went to the theatre together.  We saw The Magic Flute,  another Wizard of Oz,  Macbeth, Cats, The Nutcracker and many more. He attended  musical theatre camps and when he was 8, he was accepted by the Canadian Opera Children's Chorus. The highlight of all the practising was that he got to sing, as one of the street children, in Carmen. It was magic!

We stopped going to theatre, when the two younger children arrived, not only because of time and money constraints, but also because my son was moving into a age when it wasn't cool to go to theatre with your mother.

On Saturday, it was wonderful to re-visit those earlier times. The performance was excellent, the seats, perfect and the company,  just the best!! Sometimes, I worry that when they grow up, they will forget their childhood.  This Christmas, he didn't.

Here's my son's partner, Alex with the Ozmopolitan, a fancy liqueur drink with melon liqueur, curaƧao and perrier.  It was fun.

Have an entertaining day!!


  1. Now I really want to see the Wizard of Oz on stage. I've got collector's edition everything for the film, and have watched it once a year since I was a small child. I need to be on the lookout for when it comes back round here to Saint Louis. :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful outing! Did you watch the reality tv show for the selection of Dorothy? We didn't follow it closely but from what I did see, all the contestants were so talented. Great to hear you enjoyed the production!

  3. Awesome Carol. Isn't it nice when they come around again and want to hang out?

  4. My BFF saw it on the weekend and loved it. Hopefully it will still be playing when we get back to Toronto.