Saturday, January 19, 2013

One Cool Cat

This is a little story about an incident that happened years ago. For some reason it just popped into my mind the other day and for lack of another blog topic, I thought, why not retell this one?

I was living, at the time, in an apartment in Port Credit and teaching at a high school about 40 mins. away. I was fortunate to be able to car share with another teacher who lived close by. Anyway, this time she was driving and picking me up at about 8:00am. I usually tried to wait for her in the lobby. However, I was running a bit behind this morning and I was frantic that I would make us both late.

As I was tidying up the breakfast things and putting the milk and butter in the fridge, my cat jumped into the fridge.  You have to know that I was young, rarely cooked at home and had the barest fridge on the planet. I tried to get the cat out, but she moved further back in behind a jar or two. I thought, I know, I'll close the door and open it in a minute or so and she'll just jump out!

I went to the closet to get my coat. Suddenly, the apartment buzzer sounded. OOOPS, I knew I was in trouble, because my friend had had to get out of the car, come into the lobby and call me. I grabbed my purse and ran.

I was in work mode all day.  This had to be done, that started and lots of general mayhem sorted. Finally the day was over and I got home about 5:00pm. My roommate had arrived back about an hour before me. She said, "Where is the cat?" I freaked out!!  I ran to the fridge, she wasn't there OMG!! What had I done?

Cat on Ice

Actually after my roommate had come home, she had opened the fridge for some juice and the cat just sprang out, covered in butter.  I could have died on the spot.  Fortunately, she was fine, but I was in the dog house so to speak for days after. Needless to say that has never happened again and it has never been forgotten!!


  1. I am embarrassed to say that I once closed a cat in the fridge. Luckily it wasn't for long, and she survived. I have a do now, and he is too big to get into the fridge. He is not too big, however, to play with balls of yarn from my knitting basket. :)

  2. OMG! I'm sorry, I did laugh my soxs off. I have done a similar thing with the dogs (not the fridge), but accidentally left them in the vehicle for 15 hours as I thought they were inside. Nicely done carol.