Monday, January 07, 2013

On the naming of parts...or something like that...

Here are some more ideas for naming children after cars or their parts :)

I just had to explore this idea of choosing names for children a little more.  Celebrities often select their stage names for effect - "Lady Gaga" is one. "Madonna" happens to use her own name and some people think that Englebert Humperdink uses his real name too.  I wonder if you can sue your parents for a really awful name.

Perhaps celebrities chose names for their children based on the same criteria they apply to their branding - shocking effect!!  Here is a site that lists the names or at least the more unusual names some celebrities have given their children. I can't get over Frank Zappa's choices - Dweezil (son), Ahmet Emuukha Rodan (son) Moon Unit (daughter), Diva Muffin (daughter).

I know that people make minor name changes, such as legally changing a name from Audrey to Heather - not sure why. My sister changed her name from Maureen to Rene (Ree nee) because that was what everyone called her. I often wonder why some people get nicknames that just "stick." I have a friend who was "Tinkerbell" in a school play and she has been called "Tinks" every since. I also know an Elizabeth called Buffy and a Carol Jean called Cookie. Coco Chanel was really Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.

I can understand why transgendered people change their names.  I know of two Kates who are now respectively Ben and Brodie.

I always joke that my in-law's had identity issues. My brother-in-law was named Bernard, called Brian and changed his name to Ben. My sister-in-law was named Rosellen and changed her name to Rosa.  My husband has no second name and has never changed his name - perhaps the most stable!

There is a house down the street which changed hands regularly, however before the respective families moved on, they each managed to have a child called "Evan." (3 in total). The family who lives there now have a girl, Eva. If her second name were Nancy then she would be Eva N.

Names are fascinating and may determine your personality. Are Emmas quiet readers? Are Chantels performers? Are Michaels macho and Jullians studious?

Now back to those car parts from an earlier post.  Mustang Sally lives!!  The photo is courtesy of Kevan George from the I Love Photography group.  Thank you Kevan.

Please post any amazing names or name related stories!!

Have a phenomenal day!!


  1. I truly love my name and wouldn't ever want to change it. I joke sometimes that I managed to give birth to either a Revolutionary War Family (Katherine, Emma & Samuel) or perhaps a Jewish family... Katherine's middle name is Hannah, then Emma Rebekah and Samuel... need I say more?

    The "Evan" house fascinates me. How many years did this go across? Makes me wonder if the house is haunted by a very pushy spirit who whispers "Evan" and "Eva" to the parents. :~)

    I am visiting from Ultimate Blog Challenge - I am grateful I found you today!

  2. My sister went from Gail, which was a family name, to Monique. A boyfriend thought that name more fit her. She has used that name ever since.

  3. Thank you, Julie. I love your take on names!!! I know several Julies and Julias - love them all!! Great name!!

    I also have a Katherine - but the boys are Alexander and Nicholas

    Interesting take on the house down the street. The house changed over a period of about 10 years. Prior to that a family had lived there for about 20 years. If I ever see them again I'll ask about their names. Thank you for posting!!

  4. Thank you InterestOCHistory for posting. I like both Gail and Monique, though they both have very different "energy." Thank you for posting.

  5. I've always wondered what it means psychologically when people change their names. Are they unhappy with who they are? Is it an aspirational change to inspire them to greater things? Is it an issue of identity? Is it a matter of convenience if you have an unusual name? Or is it to make your name stand out in the crowd? I know many people who have changed their names if not legally at least among friends, so it does seem to be very common.