Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art in Winter

Today is Saturday and any day that isn't a work day, to me, is a holiday!!  It is unscheduled time.  Yes, there are chores, but they can be done - whenever, and I have to add - if ever!!

So with my unscheduled time today, I took pictures of the Art outside my window. I have done this before on other "free" days. This is today's picture.  I call it revenge of the Lilac :)

Revenge of the Lilac

Here are some more pictures that I have taken on other "holidays."

Winter Roses

And from the second storey...

Eaves Dropping

And finally from someone else's house

Winter Cascade

Enjoy your Saturday!!


  1. Great pics Carol! Seems like your neighbour could use some extra insulation....!

  2. I love icicle pictures! Thank you for sharing these. And I concur on the insulation.

  3. Great pics and nice article to encompass them.