Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A late night call...

A while ago, I had to buy a new cell phone and get it added to our family plan, which is in my husband's name.  Things went smoothly, although we had to extend the contract again.  Every time you make a change, you end up extending your contract for another 3 years - urrgh!

I didn't give the transaction another thought and went about the usual to-ing and fro-ing of the rest of the day.  Well, sometime about 3:00am my husband's cell phone rang. He was sound asleep and didn't hear it, so I jumped out of bed, ran over to the other side of the room and answered it.  At first there was no sound and then the heavy breathing and the throaty "Hello" started.  I was about to wake my husband up to tell him that he was receiving an obscene phone call from some guy, when I decided that the whole thing was just too ridiculous!! I said "we're not interested," hung up and turned off the phone.

As I was trying to get back to sleep, I thought, I wonder if the fellow who did the changes to our plan and had access to our numbers, was really the late night caller.  Then I thought - nah - no one sends a women my age and obscene phone call - I should be so lucky :) and I guess so should my husband.

It was worth a chuckle and I did get back to sleep - you have to wonder though, if these guys just stay up all night or if they work in some super boring job and try to make it entertaining somehow. Maybe another idea for a novel - cell phone guy at local store, gets the numbers of clients and sets up some terrifying scenarios - just a thought.

Have an uninterrupted day!!


  1. LOL time to get them some work to do

  2. It could have just been a wrong number.

    I had had my phone for about 3 years when I started getting phone calls at all sorts or random times that I let go to voicemail. Some guy was asking me when the heck I was going to pick up my bags. Others would be from other guys asking if I needed any more bags, or if I was all set for the week. Others asked If I needed any of that stuff.

    My only conclusion was that a drug deal had somehow been given my number by accident. After a few weeks they got the hint and stopped calling.