Monday, January 21, 2013

A home needs a name.......

I posted about Patrick Moore and his love of stars and cats - maybe one in the same :)  He lived with his mother in a 16th century home in Sussex England called "Farthings." I love the way some people decide to name their homes.  I know that it is often just large estates that receive really grand names. The fabled "Tara" from Gone with the Wind comes to mind. Tara was also once the seat of power for the ancient kings of Ireland. Castles are always named, but sometimes people name cottages and the name just "sticks."

I have a New Zealand friend who lived for a time in England in a large rambling house called "Spill Feathers" because of the doves that inhabited the house along with them. Another friend in Penzance Cornwall named her cottage "Martha's Garden." She and her husband renovated and sold 2 of the three buildings on a farm that they had bought.  They moved into the third building which was actually once the cowshed and Martha was the last cow in residence.

Casa Loma - Toronto

A family down the street whose last name is Beri, have named their place "The Beri Patch." Another have the name "Chepstow" over the door.  No doubt an area in England they know.  If I had the money to buy a "Get Away,"  I would name my escape "Innisfree" after the poem by W.B. Yeats - Lake Isle of Innisfree.

What would you name your home, your escape and/or your dream home?  Names always add an interesting dimension to things.

Have a phenomenal day!!

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